Aegila Boutique Resort

Aegila Boutique Hotel extends over four levels and consists of 2 traditional tower houses, fully integrated in the strict and austere landscape of Mani. Built exclusively from the abundant local stone, according to the traditional regional architecture, which has strong Byzantine influences, in addition to the stonework, spaces are dominated by marble and wooden floors as well as arches which take us back to centuries past.

However, the interior of Aegila Boutique Hotel holds many surprises. The traditional exterior is in a creative contradiction with the inner space, which is ruled by modern aesthetics of international standards.

Aegila Boutique Hotel offers a wide range of different rooms for different requirements, so you can find the one that fits your ideal getaway. Built with stone, wood and marble, you can choose between double rooms, family rooms, suites with Jacuzzi and a sitting room, isolated tower rooms and rooms with a private garden, while almost all of them feature balconies overlooking the sea.

The property extends on different levels ideal for walking, with hidden gardens and small coves for relaxation, seclusion and meditation. Two outdoor pools complement the guest experience while there is access to a small private rocky beach for swimming in the crystal clear sea.

Especially for the winter or for cinema-nights, there is a dedicated space for movie watching, games and other activities.

Aegila Boutique Hotel

AegilaResort_Logo_RestaurantNo need to leave Aegila Boutique Hotel for dinner. Aegila Restaurant offers you flavors of the Greek cuisine, while you can enjoy your breakfast in the Breakfast Room or in bed.

If you are planning a wedding, engagement, christening or any other event, Aegila Boutique Hotel is the ideal destination to celebrate the most beautiful days of your life. Combine a well-organized reception with a carefree and enjoyable stay. We will arrange everything, to offer an unforgettable evening to you and to your guests. The wedding ceremony or christening takes place in the Byzantine chapel of St. Nicholas, dating back to 1.113 AD and just 7 km from Aegila Boutique Hotel.